Them's Sailin' Words! Sailing Vocabulary You Should Know Before You Begin Basic Cruising Courses

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Every sport and recreational hobby has its own set of vocabulary words. Take skiing, for example. Anyone who learns how to ski needs to know the difference between "cross-country" and "downhill,"  and the difference between "slalom" and skiing downhill with numerous natural obstacles that one needs to avoid. The same holds true for the sport of sailing. If you have recently signed up to take basic cruising courses and learn a few things about sailing, you should familiarize yourself with sailing terminology.

2 May 2016

ATV Accessories You Can Buy (And Will Not Want To Go Without!)

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All-Terrain Vehicles, or ATVS, can navigate even the worst Canadian terrain with ease, and they are fun to drive. If you snowmobile in winter, you would love ATV-ing in summer, but you will need some accessories to go with your ATV. Here are some accessories you may not want to go without. They are commonly sold where ATVs are sold (such as ATV's by Decker Motors Ltd​) . ATV Trailer You can buy a mini-trailer to tow behind your ATV for just day trip supplies or you can buy a larger trailer for hauling camping supplies.

6 April 2016

Beyond The Luxury: Everyday Moments That Are Fitting For Helicopter Charter Rides

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When you think of renting a helicopter, the thoughts of luxury likely come to mind, and that is rightfully so. There are other reasons that a helicopter charter ride could be beneficial that you may be overlooking. The following are some interesting circumstances that could make a helicopter ride mean much more than a luxurious indulgence. Overcome Fear of Flying For many people who are afraid to fly, attempting to get on a large airplane packed with strangers is too much.

5 February 2016