Hold Off On Putting Your Players' Last Names On Their Jerseys Until These Things Happen


Athletes of every sport, including soccer, love the idea of having their last names across the upper back portion of their jerseys. If you run a soccer team for local adolescents and you know that your players would appreciate their names on their soccer uniforms, you might instinctively plan to get this printing done. However, another option is to start the season with players wearing jerseys that are devoid of their last names — and to use the addition of their last names as a motivational tactic. Here are some things that you might want to happen before you add the last names to the jerseys.

Having A Team-First Attitude

It can be difficult to bring soccer players together from diverse backgrounds and have them compete as a team. Many coaches struggle with getting their teams to adopt a team-first mentality, rather than have individual players be more focused on their own statistics instead of winning together. You might express this concern to your team, and tell the players that once you see obvious signs of a team-first attitude from the top of your roster through its bottom, you'll arrange to have the players' last names added.

Winning A Championship

Another incentive that you can offer your soccer team is to tell the players that once you win a championship together, they can have their last names added to their jerseys. Winning a championship should always be your team's ultimate goal. To realize it, the team will need to come together as a unit — which is one of the lessons that you want to emphasize to your players. Even if your team doesn't technically play any games after the championship, it will often form again the following season. This can be a perfect time to present your players with their new jerseys.

Proper Practices

For many youth athletic coaches, getting players to work hard in practice can be a challenge. For many young athletes whose skills come naturally, it's fun to compete in games but practices can be uninspiring. If you're noticing this issue with your team, you might want to incentivize them to work hard in practice by telling your players that their names will appear on their jerseys once you feel that they're practicing hard. Offering incentives of this nature to your players can be an effective way to get them to practice harder, which can then lead to more success during games.


22 August 2019

Choosing Safe Sports For Your Kids

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