ATV Accessories You Can Buy (And Will Not Want To Go Without!)

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All-Terrain Vehicles, or ATVS, can navigate even the worst Canadian terrain with ease, and they are fun to drive. If you snowmobile in winter, you would love ATV-ing in summer, but you will need some accessories to go with your ATV. Here are some accessories you may not want to go without. They are commonly sold where ATVs are sold (such as ATV's by Decker Motors Ltd​) .

ATV Trailer

You can buy a mini-trailer to tow behind your ATV for just day trip supplies or you can buy a larger trailer for hauling camping supplies. The larger trailer is an absolute must if you take your ATV up into the mountains for camping excursions because it can haul everything you will need as easily as a pack mule hauls a gold miner's supplies. The high metal sides on these trailers prevents things from tipping over, while the flatbed of the trailer doubles as a place to roll out your sleeping bag if you do not feel like setting up a tent.

Underseat Storage Kit

Unless you buy an ATV with underseat storage, you may miss out on this handy feature. It is, for all intents and purposes, the "glove box" for your ATV. If your ATV does not have underseat storage, you can buy this kit that will help you make the modifications necessary to create underseat storage. Be sure to buy the kit that will provide you with a lockable storage space. Then you can put more valuable items in it (e.g., your wallet, wedding rings, etc.) and keep them from getting lost, stolen or filthy while you are out bumping around in the wilderness.

Shatter-Resistant, Shock-Absorbing Helmet

You should wear a helmet when riding an ATV, but you may want to go above and beyond the standard helmet required by law. A shatter-resistant and shock-absorbing helmet protects your skull and face from potentially lethal injuries in the event that you hit a tree, roll down an embankment, etc. It should not shatter, crack or break under most accidental circumstances, and the shock-absorbing properties would help with some of the jarring motions of riding over really tough terrain.

Rugged ATV Riding Boots

ATVs were designed to be rough, rugged pieces of farm equipment, but have become more like recreational vehicles in the last couple of decades. While you could wear your hiking boots with the ATV, you may prefer rugged ATV riding boots instead because they will be more effective at getting a firm hold on the ground and on the ATV. They are especially helpful when you counter thick mud and your ATV gets stuck. Then these boots will help you get a better footing when pushing the ATV out of the mud.


6 April 2016

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