Buying A Used Boat? Here Are Four Questions To Ask

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If you are in the market for a used boat, you may be excited about getting out on the open water and doing all kinds of activities. In order to do that, you need to buy a boat that is both affordable and in good condition. Here are some questions to ask when shopping for a used boat.

Can You Take a Test Drive?

If you can, avoid buying a boat just by looking at it on land. Just as you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it, you need to be able to experience any boat out on the water.

What Does the Engine Look Like?

It is vital that you take a good look at the engine before buying any boat. In particular, you are looking for grime and buildup on the seals and gaskets, which could mean that the owner hasn't had their boat serviced in a long time. Pull out the dipstick to take a look at the oil; if it appears milky, there may be water in it, which is a bad sign.

Make sure that the engine sounds good; in preparation for your test drive, ask that the engine not be running until you arrive. You need to ensure that there are no problems on startup. You might also want to have a marine mechanic come with you to professionally assess the engine.

Does the Hull Have a Transferable Warranty?

The hull, or body of the ship, may very well still be under warranty, as they vary in duration. However, if the warranty is not in your name, that warranty is useless. Therefore, seek out boats that have transferable hull warranties so that you can be protected after you make your purchase.

Can You Investigate Service History?

You may be able to get an idea of the kinds of repairs that have been done by asking if you can see a service history for the boat you're considering. Many private boat owners have their boats serviced at a local dealer, who should be able to provide them with a printout of all work done on their premises. If you find that the boat is consistently in the shop, you may want to consider another boat.

Be wary of sellers or dealers who cannot produce any kind of service history on their boat; even if they have never needed repairs, they should be taking their boat in for routine maintenance.

Now that you know some of the questions to ask when you buy a used boat, keep the above information in mind. Take your time as you shop so that you can buy an affordable boat from a private seller or a dealer like Captain's Village Marina that will work for you for years to come.


13 October 2015

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