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Beyond The Luxury: Everyday Moments That Are Fitting For Helicopter Charter Rides

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When you think of renting a helicopter, the thoughts of luxury likely come to mind, and that is rightfully so. There are other reasons that a helicopter charter ride could be beneficial that you may be overlooking. The following are some interesting circumstances that could make a helicopter ride mean much more than a luxurious indulgence.

Overcome Fear of Flying

For many people who are afraid to fly, attempting to get on a large airplane packed with strangers is too much. If you are a person who has never flown in any type of aircraft due to your fears, a helicopter ride could be the first step to overcoming your fears. Some airline flights can take hours to fly from one destination to another. Opting for a local charter flight around a city would likely be a short flight, and it can help you get used to the feeling of flying with less anxiety.

Bird’s-Eye View of Landmarks

Flying long distance flights may mean that you do not get to see landmarks in your locale. Opting for a helicopter charter may improve the chances of you getting a view of your city that is rare.

Overlooking landmarks and historical places from a helicopter is ideal for a variety of outings. It can be used to entertain friends or family visiting from out of town, to educate your children about their city, to impress a first date, or as an evening out with colleagues or clients. Some helicopter charter companies have packages for city views. If there is a place you want to “hover” over that is not listed, inquire about whether it is possible to fly and view the area.


Special occasions such as marriage proposals are sometimes done via helicopter charter flights. Some people overlook the fact that these flights can also be used to commemorate dates such as anniversaries or graduations. You may choose to ensure that special guests or honorees get a ride in the helicopter, but you can also inquire about a helicopter flying with a banner attached announcing the special date. Limousines are a common method of transportation for brides and grooms following their special day, but a helicopter whisking a newlywed couple away for their honeymoon is a surreal event that is also very possible and memorable.

There are so many other ways that you could benefit from helicopter charter rides. A helicopter charter company is the best resource to use to get more ideas. They may also be able to help you with planning an itinerary that ensures you get the exact service you desire complete with accommodations and destinations. 

For a helicopter charter, contact a company such as Qwest Helicopters Inc.

3 Common Skydiving Techniques For Beginners

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If you have spent years dreaming of flying, it is time to learn how to skydive. Although, as your skills advance, you will eventually be able to flip and roll throughout the air, there are three techniques that are typically great to train with. In addition, you can choose to use different skydiving methods that allow you to choose the amount of control that you maintain over your dive, depending on your own preferences during those first jumps. 

#1-Try It Tandem

Tandem skydiving is typically an ideal method for the student that wants the experience of jumping but does not want the responsibilities associated with it. In this instance, you would be attached to your instructor through a harness. You would be guided through everything related to the jump, from the moment you leave the plane until you actually land on the ground.

That includes the release of the parachute at the appropriate time. As a result, there is very little time wasted between deciding that you want to skydive and being able to do it.

#2-Selecting The Static Line

The static line method gives you more independence during your jump than the tandem option will, but it will also take longer from deciding you want to ump and being able to schedule it. For instance, it is important to remember that you must finish a course with an approved instructor before your first jump can be scheduled.

In addition, this choice does not allow you to do any kind of free fall since one end of the line connects to the plane that you will be jumping from. As soon as you exit the craft, the static line that connects to your pack tightens and the chute is released. This option is a popular one for amateur skydivers who worry that they will not pull the cord at the right time.

#3-Picking Progressive Freefall

Progressive freefall is a training method that will require hands-on interaction with at least one, but sometimes two, instructors. It is a good choice for any skydiving novice that wants to freefall at the highest rate of speed as possible, soon after instruction starts. At first, the instructor will hold on to you and as soon as you deploy your chute, they will let you go and release their own parachutes.

Since more instruction is required before you can jump and you will be using the direct services of at least one instructor during the dive, progressive freefall is the most expensive training method.

In conclusion, skydiving is an exhilarating experience that provides the closest experience to actually flying through the air that you are ever likely to have. By understanding the different techniques and choosing the right one for your very first jump, your first skydive will be as amazing as you have always thought it would be. Contact a local provider, such as Skydive Burnaby, for further assistance.

Don’t Shoot The Other Hunters: Hunting Rifle Safety Tips

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During hunting season, it is important to remember that you may not notice other hunters nearby. By handling your hunting rifle properly, you can reduce the risk that you will have an accident that could lead to another hunter being shot.

Preventing Your Firearm from Discharging

Make sure your muzzle is always pointed in a safe direction. Even if the safety is on and your finger is off the trigger, make sure your gun is never pointed at someone else. Always keep your finger off the trigger and keep the safety on until you are prepared to shoot. While the safety should be used, do not assume that the safety will always work and prevent your firearm from discharging. Take all other possible precautions. For instance, only load your gun when you intend to use it in the near future.

Distinguishing Hunters from Game

One of the most common reasons for a hunting accident is that the hunter becomes caught in the excitement of hunting and does not verify that the target is actually game. For this reason, it is important for hunters to wear clothing that is brightly-colored. But it is also important that you take the time to verify that what you are shooting at is your intended target. Even if the target is not a person, make sure that it is not a protected species either. Also, never shoot at game when a hunter is in your line-of-sight, as you may miss and hit the hunter.

Understanding Your Firearm

Spend time at a shooting range. Not only will this make you more accurate, but you will also understand your firearm better. This will make it less likely that you will have an accidental discharge. You must also learn about the types of mechanical failures your rifle might experience and how to avoid them.

Carrying Your Gun

How you carry your gun depends on the conditions of the area you are hunting in. For example, if you are walking with someone in front of you, don’t hold the gun loosely in front while carrying it. Carrying your gun on your back with a sling is not recommended if you are traveling through thick brush, since the gun could be knocked off your shoulder. Holding the rifle with two hands, with the muzzle pointed up in the air, provides the best control for most situations even if this position can cause more fatigue. Take a hunting safety course, such as at Trophy Book Archery In Edmonton, to learn more.

Buying A Used Boat? Here Are Four Questions To Ask

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If you are in the market for a used boat, you may be excited about getting out on the open water and doing all kinds of activities. In order to do that, you need to buy a boat that is both affordable and in good condition. Here are some questions to ask when shopping for a used boat.

Can You Take a Test Drive?

If you can, avoid buying a boat just by looking at it on land. Just as you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, you need to be able to experience any boat out on the water.

What Does the Engine Look Like?

It is vital that you take a good look at the engine before buying any boat. In particular, you are looking for grime and buildup on the seals and gaskets, which could mean that the owner hasn’t had their boat serviced in a long time. Pull out the dipstick to take a look at the oil; if it appears milky, there may be water in it, which is a bad sign.

Make sure that the engine sounds good; in preparation for your test drive, ask that the engine not be running until you arrive. You need to ensure that there are no problems on startup. You might also want to have a marine mechanic come with you to professionally assess the engine.

Does the Hull Have a Transferable Warranty?

The hull, or body of the ship, may very well still be under warranty, as they vary in duration. However, if the warranty is not in your name, that warranty is useless. Therefore, seek out boats that have transferable hull warranties so that you can be protected after you make your purchase.

Can You Investigate Service History?

You may be able to get an idea of the kinds of repairs that have been done by asking if you can see a service history for the boat you’re considering. Many private boat owners have their boats serviced at a local dealer, who should be able to provide them with a printout of all work done on their premises. If you find that the boat is consistently in the shop, you may want to consider another boat.

Be wary of sellers or dealers who cannot produce any kind of service history on their boat; even if they have never needed repairs, they should be taking their boat in for routine maintenance.

Now that you know some of the questions to ask when you buy a used boat, keep the above information in mind. Take your time as you shop so that you can buy an affordable boat from a private seller or a dealer like Captain’s Village Marina that will work for you for years to come.